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Powder Horn


Powder Horn

Powder Horn is a high adventure resource-management course. It’s designed to motivate and prepare adult Venturing and Boy Scout leaders to work with older Boy Scouts and Venturers as they

plan and do high adventure activities as part of the troop and crew program. The six-day course is typically offered over two


Upon completion of the course, participants should:

  • Understand the Ranger Award and other Venturing recognitions.
  • Know health and safety requirements and BSA rules and regulations that apply to high adventure activities.
  • Know what skills and certifications are necessary to lead various outdoor activities and how to obtain those certifications.
  • Be able to identify local resources and consultants for high adventure activities.

To attend Powder Horn, you must be a registered adult member of the BSA, have completed basic training in either Boy Scouting or Venturing, be able to meet the physical requirements of the BSA Class III physical in a back country environment, and have your Scout executive’s approval.

For information on future Powder Horn courses, contact your local Scout council service center.

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